Voice Mail Service

Receive confidential messages or forward your office or residential phone calls to a private voice mailbox you access with a personal security code.

Your voice messages can be retrieved any time, from any location, and from any touch-tone phone.

Message Notification

Your voice mailbox can be configured to automatically inform you when you receive a message via pager, text, cell phone or e-mail.

Voice Mail Pre-screening

Announce your office hours, list filtering information that gives callers the option to leave a message, or provide an “infomercial” promoting your products or services prior to connecting with one of our associates for further assistance if still needed.

Employment Screening

We can set up a dedicated phone number for your recruiting campaign.

Our associates will screen callers, gathering preliminary information to facilitate the interview process.

It’s easy to decide who to call back with Rochester Telemessaging Center as part of your HR department.

Voice Mail Hand-Off

We can answer your calls “live” and, if your customers choose, we’ll connect them with your private voice mailbox so they can leave a confidential message for you.

Email or Fax Delivery Options

We’ll send messages, product orders and even voice mail calls to your e-mail address as a file attachment.

That means you get the information you need online, anytime. Or, we can simply fax them to you. You can even set up the parameters–a fax after each call, once at a prescheduled time, or whenever works for your needs.