Call Service Centers

Call Center Order Entry

If a West Coast customer wants to place an order at 11 p.m., you don’t need to take the call.

But don’t miss the sale. Let our specially trained associates take the orders for you 24/7. Or, let us take calls when your lines are overloaded during a promotion, or whenever you expect your call-in order volume to peak.

Call Overflow

If you don’t need us to answer your phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can still help make sure you don’t miss a call.

We can handle calls:

  • After Hours

  • During Peak Times

  • When Your Line is Busy

  • After a Select Number of Rings

  • During Staff Meetings

  • On Holidays

  • Whenever You Need

Contact us for more information about our inbound call center solutions.

Help Desk/Customer Service Call Center

We can provide 24-hour assistance for your products, services and other key information.

Our associates can assist in answering frequently asked questions, troubleshooting or routing emergency calls to on-call staff, and other requests.

Great service and support is a must in today’s market. Contact us to learn more about our help desk services.

Catalog Sales

With your product information stored in our Order Entry Database, phone-in order processing is quick and simple.

Our professional staff can instantly access all of your products by name, description or product number.

Product/Service Orders

Whether you’re selling plumbing services, electrical expertise or widgets, we can be your professional order department, taking calls after hours or whenever you’re busy.

Catalog / Literature requests

Let your staff use their time wisely by handling only those calls requiring their level of expertise.

Then let us handle customer requests for catalogs or other sales literature. It’s a cost-effective solution that helps you work smarter, not harder.

Product Information

Our associates can provide your customers with complete product information, answer product or service questions, and take orders using your customized database.

Mortgage/Credit Applications

Our trained associates can pre-qualify your leads for mortgages, car financing or other credit-based purchases through phone-in applications, 24 hours a day.

We can then forward the completed applications for follow-up or processing.

Attendance Line

Instead of asking your already-busy staff to field calls from fellow employees, we’ll assign your employees a phone number they can use to report absences.

We’ll document information from these calls, including:

  • The Time of the Call

  • Employee Name and Telephone Number

  • Supervisor’s Name

  • The Reason for the Call

  • Their Expected Return-To-Work Date

On-Call Scheduling

When you have staff on call during the day, after-hours or for emergencies, we can make sure your calls get routed to the correct individual quickly and efficiently.

You set the boundaries … who handles what areas or territories, what constitutes an emergency, or even how your staff will be contacted. From there, simply fax or e-mail who’s on call and when. You can also program your own on-call schedule through our customer portal. We’ll route your calls by telephone, text message, e-mail or pager. And you’ll continue to build your reputation for prompt, reliable response.

Remote Receptionist

We can be the best, most capable receptionist you’ll ever employ (and we’ll never call in sick).

Let us answer your calls and route callers to the proper location. Our professionally trained staff can handle all your calls, even if multiple calls come in simultaneously. Plus, our robust staffing means someone is available 24/7 to present a professional image whenever you get a call.

Need us to tell you who’s calling or simply transfer the call? You determine the parameters. Our receptionists have the latest technology at their fingertips and will handle each call quickly and efficiently.

Dealer Locator

We will connect your callers with your closest service location, whether by ZIP Code, region or any other factor.

We’ll provide directions and anything else they need to find your location. We can even capture their name and phone number so you can follow up.

Emergency Service Dispatch

If you provide emergency services or have staff on the road 24/7, we can route emergency calls to the right personnel.

We handle everything from simple, one-step pages all the way to complex call escalations. That means you continue to build your reputation for quick, reliable service.

Client Website Orders

Our Web-enabled workstations allow us to access your website ordering system whenever your customers call.

You set up the parameters and even approve our script as well as the file format. It’s that easy.

Inbound Surveys

Our professional representatives can take your inbound survey calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will provide you high-quality, in-depth data that’s more relevant than written surveys. Plus, live surveys to toll-free numbers can help boost your response and completion rates.

Event Registration

You have enough to worry about when you organize a one-time or regularly scheduled event, whether you’re expecting 20 or 200 attendees.

There’s the venue, food, program, speakers, etc. Let us handle registration. We can take your event registrations in real time on your web site or we can electronically transfer a file to you whenever you choose.

Membership Renewals

Let us help your staff work smarter, not harder.

We can take membership and subscription renewals, working within your database or creating a new file that can be merged with yours.