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Receive confidential messages or forward your office or residential phone calls to a private voice mailbox you access with a personal security code. Your messages can be retrieved any time, from any location and from any touch-tone phone.

Flexible Message Retrieval

We can forward incoming messages to your:

  • Voice mail box
  • Cell phone
  • Home phone
  • Pagers (Digital / Alphanumeric)
  • E-mail address
  • Fax machine
  • SMS


Receive your messages via voice mail. Our experienced agents will clearly record each message for you to retrieve at your convenience. Or, if you would rather, we will “hand off” your caller into your voice mail so they may leave a confidential message for you to access.


Rochester Telemessaging Center will contact you directly with each and every call. Our experienced agents can also screen your calls enabling you to receive only urgent calls.

Should you wish to return the call from your cell phone but keep your number confidential, our agents can connect you directly to your caller, not only offering you instant response to your clients but the confidentiality you need.


During those times when you are working from home or just waiting for that important call during those late night hours, let us relay your call. Just provide us with the parameters and our experienced agents will be happy to comply with them.


Rochester Telemessaging Center will provide you with pertinent information while you are on the go. Our experienced agents will page you with those calls you have indicated as urgent, all calls, or those you would like paged to you during specific times/days. We also offer alphanumeric paging, allowing you to see the callers name, phone number and brief message so you can determine the urgency of the call.


E-mail delivery service provides you with great flexibility. Messages can be sent to your e mail address individually or grouped and sent at specific times that you control.


As partners in the success of your business and in order to keep your fax free during
office hours, our system allows us to fax your messages overnight, shortly before your office opens or at anytime you choose.


The short message service allows you to view not only the pertinent and immediate information you need but also documentation on exactly how expertly your calls were handled.


Handling inbound emails from clients has never been easier. Our agents are prepared to immediately read, respond and handle accurately any request from you or your staff via any email source.


Let us customize a system to meet your unique needs. Our experts will be happy to comply with a message delivery system tailored to your business and individual requirements.

Your calls are always answered with a smile!